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Welcome to Neale Precast Products, a family run business that manufactures quality precast concrete products. Our products are highly manufactured to suit the needs of all our customers. 


Farmers, want to avail of the TAMS grant?

We are delighted to now be registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine for our fencing products.

You will find all the information by clicking the following link and then "S148A Accepted Fencing Post" tab.

Tams 1.JPG
Tams 2.JPG
Tams 3.JPG

A wide range of designs and sizes of concrete paving is available. Our range comes in square and hexagonal shaped paving.  The paving looks neat and stylish with a nice edging or kerbing which can be viewed in our "kerbing" page.

We have a 6" by 4" Kerb and a 6" by 2" Garden Edge. Our kerbing comes in 3ft lengths. We also manufacture a 10" by 5" channel kerb.

We have a wide range of concrete fencing  available:

-Post and Rail (2 rail)

-Post and Rail (3 rail)

-Concrete Stakes

-Struts and Strainers

-Post and Panel fencing

-Concrete Posts to suit various types of timber fencing

-Gate posts (2 sizes depending on size of gate being used)

We manufacture a wide range of decorative items. Flower pots, ballustrades, decoraticve pier capping and driveway bollards are all available. 

In our sills range we have a 65mm face and a 100 mm face. We also have 455mm face sill to suit stone faced buildings. Sills are also available to suit timber frame housing.

Lintels range from 100mm x 75mm, 150mm x 75mm and 150mm x 100mm heavy duty. 

Flue starters are also available.

We manufacture a wide range of items to suit water schemes such as: water metre surrounds, boundary box covers, manhole risers (different sizes available), marker posts and other items made to order. 

In our wall and pier capping range various sizes are available - 7", 9", 12" and 16" and all come in 3ft lengths. Our pier capping range is available in a 15"x15", 18"x18", 22"x22", 22"x16", 27"x27", 22" bishops mitre and a 22" Georgian style.

The exterior moulding range is one of our specialities. We manufacture a wide range of styles and shapes that enhances the exterior of a house or business. If we do not have your desired style, our team can manufacture a mould to suit your design.

Septic tanks are manufactured to suit 3/4/5 bedroom houses and with the easy installation process makes them an ideal option. A figure eight style tank in two sections that has a capacity of approximately 3000 litres is available. Once installed, there is no maintanence required.  "Joining sealents" are also available.


Our range of chimney capping comes in three different sizes to suit a single or double chimney.

SIngle chimney size: 27” x 27”

Double chimney size: 42” x 27”

Double chimney size: 46” x 28”

Our concrete water troughs are ideal for all farming areas, stong and stable, which will not be easily moved or knocked over. The ball cock is fully protected by the lid to avoid any damage. 

Our delivery service is available, where necessary. We strive to complete and deliver all orders on time. Care is taken in every aspect, even when delivering goods to ensure products arrive safe and without chipping or damage.
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